EECP (fhcc)

EECP Beyond the Heart:

EECP therapy is successfully and inexpensively treating coronary disease. But now, Doctors are exploring the exciting possibility that this therapy could be used for so much more! It�s a given that as technology advances, newer, less invasive therapies evolve. But it is also a given that resistance to change is part of the human psyche. This is usually why new therapies don�t catch on quickly. One of the best example of this that we have in modern medicine today is that od a new therapy called EECP?

EECP (fhcc)


The famous terminology adopted is "EECP IS AN OPION FOR PATIENTS WITH NO OPTION". Even at this seemingly end stage, EECP therapy gives many benefits to the patients. The irony is that doctors still hesitate to provide or recommended EECP therapy during the initial phase of the disease. Ideally , treating cardiac disease should focus on just the patient's cardiac health, but on restoring vascular health. We all know that a block in the blood vessels carrying blood supply, which in turn leads to heart attack and further complications. What we have not understood is that bock has been created by the dysfunction of the entire vascular system; it's not just a malfunction in the vascular supply to the heart alone. If the patient has a poor vascular health, the chance of getting heart attach is high irrespective of how mild or severe the blockage are. That is why interventional treatment like bypass surgery and angioplasty which restore cardiac with regular exercise, risk factor modification and medication-which are all shown to restore the vascular health, Which is what EECP also does.

New Benefits

The buzz on EECP is taking on new dimensions. Doctors have been noticing that other aliments like diabetes, vascular erectile dysfunction, memory loss, stroke, diabetic retinopathy, minor complications of stroke and vascular dementia improved dramatically when their EECP patients were being treated for heart disorders. Theese unexpected improvements lead to further research on each of the above and the current conclusion is that EECP could definitely give many benefits in solving these disorders too.

EECP therapy & hypertension

As the body ages, the blood vessels get stiffer, and conditions like diabetes accelerate this stiffening. This means the heart is pumping blood into stiffer blood vessels, which means the pressure on the blood vessels are increasing. This condition is called hypertension. EECP therapy decreases blood vessel stiffening all through the body-exactly what happens when one

EECP (fhcc)

Ayurveda With EECP

The Art of living international centre now offers the winning combination therapy of EECP and Ayurveda, which will soon be available at all of their centres.
The Art of Living International centre at Bangalore, India has become the first institution in India to incorporate EECP therapy into a natural healing program. At the inauguration of the program on December 14, 2011, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said that

�EECP is the first allopathic treatment which does not involve invasive procedure or medication, but provides clinical improvement to cardiac patients in a natural way. Hence this natural treatment will work synergistically with our Ayurvedic therapies to enhance health without adverse side effects.�

EECP Saves Diabetic Limbs.

Time has proven that EECP works wonders in treating heart disease. Many cardiologists all over the world have accepted this as a good treatment for heart failures. The same mechanism is applicable for �peripherals vascular diseases.�

Many people, especially men over the age of 50, suffers from this conditions � in which the blood vessels in the body becomes narrower and harder over time due to poor lifestyle choices and other illness. People who have cholesterol problem�s. diabetes ,mellitus, heart disease, high blood pressure and who are regular smokers are all prone to having poor blood vessel health. This significant, because a lot of diabetic patients who are at risk for limb amputation could be helped.

Since we were convinced that it would be helpful, we tried an approach by combining EECP therapy and skin grafting in a few cases � and found the results encouraging, EECP may not be a substitute for revascularization, but it is definitely a good �limb salvaging� technique for uncontrolled non healing ulcers.

On the other hand, in case where patients cannot have a major procedure due to general condition, EECP is an alternative that should definitely be tried out to increase blood flow to the affected limb. It is also observed that in a few patients, diabetic neuropathy has also improved, which is strongly believe to be due to better circulation happening in the smaller blood vessels. This could happen either because new small vessels are developing due to the EECP, or because the peripheral resistance of blood vessels drops when the patient is under EECP.

EECP improve blood circulation, gives better muscle tone and improves nerve conduction in patients with vascular problem in foot and hence helps in limb salvage.

EECP (fhcc)

EECP (fhcc)

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