EECP (fhcc)

The Facts That Every Cardiac Patient Should Know About EECP.

EECP got its first approval from US FDA in 1994 and after that this treatment has been accepted and approved by European Cardiologist Society, American journal of cardiology ,NHS and CE certification for heart disease. This treatment is not meant for emergencies

This treatment consists of 35 sessios of one hour each. This treatment is so safe and effective that even an healthy individual can take it to further enhanced his/her heart condition, stamina, and cardiovascular functionality.

Patients, going through this treatment, see huge improvements in their angina (chest)pain, diabetes, hypertension, kidney function, post strokes conditions, and in some cases, erectile dysfunction.

Patients already went through Angioplasty or Bypass surgery can also take this treatment to improve their angina pain and to avoid future surgeries. This is because, unlike Angioplasty and Bypass surgery, EECP targets your entire heart altogether and improve your overall heart condition.

EECP Treatment can be claimed for health insurance . Many insurance companies has incorpprated EECP in their treatment list.

The Features Of EECP

Safe : This is one of the biggest benefits � that it�s a safe alternative to a more risky and invasive procedure.

Scientific : Scientific studies have shown EECP to be a effective as bypass or angioplasty procedure in selected patient groups. EECP is USA FDA approved for chest pain and poor heart function and is the first truly non-invasive outpatient treatment.

Documented : More than 160 research article are published worldwide supporting EECP. These articles prove EECP relieves the patient from chest pain & shortness of breath in cardiac patients. It also decreases the dependence on medication and improves the overall quality of life. The benefits last up to five years.

Proven :
EECP has been proven to

� Improve blood flow to the heart
� Improve cardiac function
� Improve vascular health
� Decrease and sometimes elimination of cardiac symptoms
� Increase blood flow to other parts of the body

Available : EECP is practised in major hospitals worldwide, including India. The physician is bound to tell the patient all options for managing the patient�s disease and to have an unbiased dialogue with patients. Those who don�t include EECP are definitely withholding information. There is no justification for it. Currently only a fraction of patients who could Immensely benefit from the treatment are referred to EECP. When We have a treatment which has nothing negative about it and has shown amazing clinical benefits. It�s shocking to note that it�s still sparsely used.

EECP (fhcc)

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